Roasted Cocoa Beans

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Cocoa beans grow in rainforests, in the shade of taller vegetation. When the fruit reaches maturity, it contains a number of seeds that look like almonds. The beans, which are dried naturally, have a dry, intense, refined flavor. Once eaten, they leave the mouth feeling clean and have a pleasing, persistent aroma.

Chef's Advice

Roasted cocoa beans combat hunger, are rich in antioxidants and have a positive effect on the circulatory system. They boost the immune system, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure. They give you a feeling of wellbeing because they stimulate the production of endorphins. We recommend that you crumble some beans over crème caramel or on a cake. They work well with gorgonzola and with fish, pasta, vegetables and, of course, with sweets.

What makes Sambava spices special?

The spices are grown by local suppliers who are meticulously monitored so that they meet strict quality standards. The packaging is made exclusively from natural materials, because a commitment to the environment is taken very seriously, and is designed to preserve the spices' aromas and flavors intact. Sambava Épices offers only the highest quality products that encapsulate the fragrances and essences of the pristine island of Madagascar.


Antsiranava region


Roasted Cocoa Beans


2.8 oz

Sambava Épices S.a.r.l. is a Madagascar-based company, based in the island capital of Antananarivo: it uses small, carefully chosen Malagasy producers with the aim of offering excellent spices, preserving the territory, the originality of the raw materials and the well-being of the employees. The selection and taste of the products are of exceptional quality, selecting only the best spices available on the island.

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