Desalted Codfish Lomo Autor 60

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Giraldo's "Ready to Cook," are the latest additions to Longino&Cardenal's range: the Lomo Autor is the fillet of Lomo Especial packaged in handy single-serving pouches, needing only one step before serving.

Chef's Advice.

To be used without removing the bag:

- in a steam oven at 140°F for 8-10 minutes;
- in the microwave at 700 w for 60-90 seconds, then letting it rest for 1 minute;
- in a water bath, keeping the product inside the bag for 5 minutes.

What makes Giraldo cod special?

Hooked in the clear waters of the Faroe Islands and processed directly on board; Giraldo cod is left to season for months in salt at a controlled temperature and cut into uniform parts to ensure even desalting and uniform taste. It is desalted only by customer order and only with ice water-which is why this cod can be called the cod of masters!

Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Desalted Codfish - Gadus Morhua

Vacuum-packed, fresh, 0.3 lb

The Company

Giraldo buys only wild cod caught by hook and line in the cold waters off Iceland and the Faroe Islands, relating only to selected and now historic small vessels.
The trademark is then the desalting and draining process, consolidating Giraldo worldwide. From 1973 to the present, Giraldo has always had one goal: to elevate a poor traditional Basque dish to be considered, the Cod of Masters.

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