Brescianella All’acquavite (Lombardy)

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“Brescianella All’acquavite” is a pasteurized cow’s milk cheese, produced in the provinces of Brescia and Cremona. After being produced in the “squared” shape, it undergoes 2 treatments: the first by being steeped in a spirit and the second concerning the crust.

Like the “drunk cheeses” typical of the Venetian region, Brescianella is ripened for a few days in a spirit and then dried in wheat bran. It will then rest in the cellars of the Guffanti family for another 30 days.

As it often happens, these methods of maturation and aging also arise from the need to preserve the cheese: let’s, in fact, remember that cheese is a “living” food, similar to sourdough, so it needs to be cared for on a daily basis. The ripening or aging of cheese in spirits (wine, grappa and other spirits) is one of the many methods to preserve the product, taking advantage of the properties of alcohol. It goes without saying that the cheese will also acquire new aromas and scents over time.

  • Milk: cow
  • Type: Soft
  • Texture: Creamy
  • Rind: With wheat bran
  • Color: Light yellow
  • Flavor: Buttery, creamy, pungent
  • Aroma: Persistent, spirits




Brescianella all'Acquavite


12.34 oz

When great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti began aging Gorgonzola in 1876, his genius intuition was the purchase of an abandoned silver mine in Valganna, in the province of Varese. Five generations have passed, the attention to the artisanal quality of the cheese product and the passion for careful ripening continue to characterize the Guffanti-Fiori family, consolidated to this day as one of the best ripeners in the world.

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