Burrata Cheese

Pack 2.2 lb (3 x 11.64 oz each)
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The most loved Italian cheese is Burrata, a delicacy typical of Southern Italy which in recent years has become a real cult. The Burrata produced in the province of Andria and Corato is nothing more than “Stracciatella” cheese (a cheese produced from buffalo milk composed of small shreds) protected by a thin skin similar to that of mozzarella “fiordilatte” and, on the inside, consisting of cream mixed with lactic ferments and small pieces of mozzarella.

  • Milk: cow
  • Type: Spun curd
  • Texture: Melt-in-the-mouth
  • Rind: Bright white
  • Color: White
  • Flavor: Natural, cream and slightly sour
  • Aroma: Fresh cow’s milk

Many Italians put burrata on top of pizza or special pasta dishes, but to get its rich taste we always suggest to eat it as it is, with a drizzle of olive oil and few basil leaves, wiht a tomato salad as a side dish.




Burrata Cheese


2.2 lb (3 pieces x 11.64 oz each)

When great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti began aging Gorgonzola in 1876, his genius intuition was the purchase of an abandoned silver mine in Valganna, in the province of Varese. Five generations have passed, the attention to the artisanal quality of the cheese product and the passion for careful ripening continue to characterize the Guffanti-Fiori family, consolidated to this day as one of the best ripeners in the world.

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