Iberian Pork Ribs

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Iberian patanegra pork ribs are obtained from the loin of the Iberian pig. Due to its significant fat infiltration, this cut is definitely tasty especially when prepared in a pan or barbecued.

Chef's Advice

The first step in preparing pork ribs is definitely to flavor the meat with mixed seasonings. The ribs are perfect for barbecuing, or alternatively to be baked as well.

For baking, it will be helpful to seal the ribs in foil and bake at 248°F for 3 hours. After the 3 hours have passed, you can proceed to brown the ribs on a hot skillet for a finishing touch.

Iberian pork, unlike what one might imagine, should be treated like beef, so strictly served rare.

What makes Iberian pork special?

100% purebred Iberian pigs have an unmistakable flavor resulting from the incredible marbling of fat and the genetic peculiarity of assimilating oleic acid from acorns (bellotas). Blázquez pigs grow freely or in semi-freedom in vast areas where they can move around peacefully: this contributes to stronger, more toned muscles. In addition, the animals are allowed to live longer lives-more than 11 months-going beyond the minimum required by Spanish law.


Guijuelo Salamanca SPAIN


Iberian Pig 


Vacuum-packed 1.98 lb, frozen  

The Company

On the surroundings of Salamanca, the Blázquez family founded the ham company in 1932, based on the artisan knowledge of that time: still today it is a family-run business with almost 90 years of tradition in producing one of the most iconic Iberian excellences, namely patanegra. Controlled genetics, selection criteria based on teachings passed down from generation to generation, and a self-produced diet are the secrets still guarded by the third generation: from the year of its founding to today Jamones Blázquez remains faithful to its natural and traditional processes.

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