PGI Piedmont Hazelnut Flour

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Hazelnuts from Piedmont are a great excellence, known worldwide because of their high quality. Hazelnut flour can be used in the place of most types of flour, including all-purpose. It is best to blend it with another flour to get the best results.

Because it is made from nuts, this flour has a good amount of healthy fats. It also has plenty of protein, vitamins, and minerals and contains antioxidants.

Hazelnut flour tastes amazing paired with chocolate or coconut.

What makes Pariani nuts special?

Pariani's challenge is to show its customers the faces and names of the farmers who grow their special nuts, such as cashews, hazelnuts, pistachios.

This is in fact much more than a short supply chain: it is the direct contact between those who grow and those who buy. Excellence, which is in the company's DNA, is guaranteed by the newly created Pariani Technical Specification, demanding specific production parameters to be further verified with a "sensory analysis" of the shape, color and flavor to determine the best lots.




PGI Piedmont Hazelnut Flour


2.2 lb

The Company

Pariani is a family business that began its activity in 2010 with the production of Hazelnut Oil made exclusively with PGI "Piedmontese Hazelnuts". From the immediate success of hazelnut oil among professionals in the sector, the entire range of strictly Italian nut oils was born. Pariani's range then expanded and was completed with semi-finished products for ice cream, including pastes, flours, grains, candied fruits, essences and special ingredients.

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