Tasmanian Salmon Fillet

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Petuna's Tasmanian salmon are caught daily and processed within hours: from the Tasmanian Sea to Italy, exclusively for Longino & Cardenal, in less than 48 hours. A product that is healthy, delicious and beautiful to look at: Petuna salmon fillets are characterized by a silvery skin, the meat is distinguished by a pastel pink color, interspersed with Omega3-rich fat and a delicate, clean taste ideal for eating raw, sashimi-style.

What makes Tasmanian salmon special?

A 2020 gold medal winner at the Sidney Royal Fine Food in the aquaculture fish category with a score of 93/100, the salmon convinced the jury composed of food critics in terms of visual impact, flavor, texture, taste and persistence on the palate.

How are Tasmanian salmon raised?

In the pristine waters of Tasmania, between Australia and Antarctica, Petuna salmon are farmed offshore at the Rowella plant, where the same living conditions as salmon in the wild are reproduced.

In gigantic bays, the fish can swim in total freedom: the salmon occupy only 5 percent of the available space. 

The salmon's diet is completely natural, plant-based, fresh fish, essential oils, vitamins and minerals-a faithful replica of what they would eat in the wild.


Salmon Salmo Salar

0.37 lb, frozen

Petuna is a family company founded by Peter and Una Rockliff, a couple in love with the sea. The first Petuna boat, named after the founding couple, was born in 1949.
Over time, the company consolidated, sons took over from their parents, and became a leader in wild fish fishing and trading in the Australian market.

It wasn't until 1990 that they diversified their business, expanding into aquaculture, becoming the pioneers of Tasmanian Ocean Rainbow Trout farming.
Within a few years, farming became the company's core business and Petuna became the first company in the world to be certified with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). Peter and Una Rockliff's contribution to the Australian fishing industry has been fundamental and recognized through many awards.

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