Tasmanian Rainbow Trout Fillet

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Tasmanian Rainbow Trout is the a fish that has won the palates of top food critics and has won several awards for its delicate, flavorful and refined meat. Among the most successful awards is the 2020 Gold Medal at the Sidney Royal Fine Food in the aquaculture fish category with a score of 94.67/100. 

Also called Rainbow or Rainbow, this Trout exhibits colors ranging from gray to silver with pink and yellow streaks along the body and at the top. The bright pink flesh is characterized by a noticeable infiltration of Omega3-rich fat and is ideal for serving raw, sashimi-style or with a quick, high flame cooking that keeps it very moist and juicy inside.

What makes Tasmanian trout special?

Petuna trout, thanks to the habitat in which it grows, is considered the purest on the world fish market. In fact, we are located in the remote southwest coast of Tasmania, where the cold waters of the Franklin-Gordon River meet the ocean-this brackish mix is the ideal environment for trout where they can grow and thrive.

How are Tasmanian trouts raised?

Petuna selects the best ocean trout eggs, which are fertilized at the Cressy plant, where the very young trout live for 12 to 18 months. Control systems provide verification of egg genetics, water temperatures, oxygen and light levels to create the best conditions for trout development.
When they reach 120 g in weight, between March and September, the fish are transferred to offshore plants. One of these is Macquarie Harbour where trout grow as much as 5 kg for 13-20 months in the ocean.

The Macquarie Harbour plant is characterized by gigantic bays, 20,000 cubic meters wide, of which the trout occupy only 5 percent of the available space.
The trout's diet is completely natural plant-based, of fresh fish, essential oils, vitamins and minerals-in other words, a faithful replica of what they would eat in the wild. 
The fish are caught daily and processed within hours: from the Tasmanian Sea to Italy in less than 48 hours.


Rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss

2.2 lb, frozen

Petuna is a family company founded by Peter and Una Rockliff, a couple in love with the sea. The first Petuna boat, named after the founding couple, was born in 1949.
Over time, the company consolidated, sons took over from their parents, and became a leader in wild fish fishing and trading in the Australian market.

It wasn't until 1990 that they diversified their business, expanding into aquaculture, becoming the pioneers of Tasmanian Ocean Rainbow Trout farming.
Within a few years, farming became the company's core business and Petuna became the first company in the world to be certified with Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP). Peter and Una Rockliff's contribution to the Australian fishing industry has been fundamental and recognized through many awards.

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