Freeze-Dried Capers

Weight 0.7 oz (6.1 oz fresh capers)
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Thanks to the freeze-drying technique, the caper becomes an innovative product, an ingredient that keeps its original fragrance and flavor intact, creating a new experience in textures. This brand new technique does not involve any kind of chemical manipulation, but only a physical process, as it is based on a principle of drying in a vacuum environment to renive the selected raw materials of water.

What makes Tartuflanghe inventions special?

Tartuflanghe experiments and makes its recipes using certified, PDO and PGI raw materials selected from trusted producers. Every product is thought of and made totally in-house, from the preparation of the pasta to the sauces, thanks to modern and innovative machinery. Innovating means looking carefully at the end result, capturing in the processed material the quintessence of its perfection, daring to challenge the limits of shapes, textures, and tradition itself. Tartuflanghe products are capable of suggesting and stimulating new consumer trends.




Freeze-dried Capers


0.7 oz

Domenica Bertolusso and Beppe Montanaro, founders of the company, started Tartuflanghe in 1980. The company has for years boasted the title "Eccellenza Artigiana," issued by the Piedmont Region in recognition of its 30 years of experience in the world of quality gastronomic craftsmanship.

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