Jamón de Cebo With Bone

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Jamon de Cebo is the Iberian pork ham derived from the leg of the pig.

How are Blázquez hams cured?

The hams are cured using artisanal methods. The process involves an initial trimming before subjecting the hams to salting. A layered pyramid of hams and whole sea salt is made. To ensure that all meats receive a homogeneous brine, Blázquez employees change the position of the hams in the workshops daily.

The hams will lose their first moisture inside the secaderos - humidity and temperature controlled cold rooms - for about three weeks. In Spring, the hams are transferred to the natural secaderos: very large rooms where the jamones will spend all summer and lose most of their weight, drying out. In the fall, the hams are taken to the cellar where they will complete the aging process: a very slow curing process that will bring them to gastronomic excellence.

What makes the Iberian Cebo pig special?

Cebo pigs are part of the Iberian breed, but they are raised on feed made from grains, legumes or grasses from the Blázquez family's fields, unlike the Bellota, which feeds on acorns. Although the Cebo is not a free-range pig, these are still animals that enjoy to move in the field, a condition that helps producing the golden fat that melts in the mouth during the tasting.


Guijuelo Salamanca SPAIN


Cebo Iberian ham aged 24 months


18.73 lb

The Company

On the surroundings of Salamanca, the Blázquez family founded the ham company in 1932, based on the artisan knowledge of that time: still today it is a family-run business with almost 90 years of tradition in producing one of the most iconic Iberian excellences, namely patanegra. Controlled genetics, selection criteria based on teachings passed down from generation to generation, and a self-produced diet are the secrets still guarded by the third generation: from the year of its founding to today Jamones Blázquez remains faithful to its natural and traditional processes.

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