Assorted Napolitains

Weight 54 pcs - 8.8 oz
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Weiss presents a gift box for a moment of absolute sweetness: the famous Napolitains, mixed dark, milk and white chocolate chocolates.

The selection includes:

  • Ebène 72% Dark Chocolate: the power of classic dark chocolate with a round, suave finish.
  • Dark Chocolate Acarigua 70%: offers cocoa notes in the mouth with a slight bitter hint, combined with a crunchy texture due to the presence of pure cocoa bean flakes.
  • Entier Milk Chocolate 37%: a milk chocolate characterized by the richness of cocoa and the subtle aromas of vanilla and caramel.
  • Red Kiss 29% White Chocolate with Red Fruits: a combination of white chocolate flavored with lemon and red fruits.

This box of 54 chocolates is ideal for the gourmet gourmand; the chocolates are all branded with the Weiss logo and individually wrapped to preserve the flavors and fragrances.


Saint Ebene Cedex FRANCIA


Assortments of Napolitains chocolates


8.8 oz

The Company

Eugène Weiss is the inventor of the art of "Bean To Bar," or harvesting cocoa beans from different territories to create a chocolate of great aromatic finesse and rare quality. Weiss is one of the oldest French chocolate factories, chocolate lovers will recognize a Weiss chocolate with their eyes closed: the original recipe, jealously guarded, has been handed down from generation to generation to the masters of the maison. Weiss creations -chocolates, pralines and chocolates- are part of a responsible and committed, clean-label-oriented path.

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