Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dolce Agogia

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The Dolce Agogia monocultivar gives the privilege of tasting a great extra virgin olive steeped in historical values, a legacy of the Etruscans who already used the fruit of this tree during their transit through Umbria. The fruit has an early ripening, must be harvested at a precise time of its evolution and then strictly by hand. Medium - light and excellent oil with fruity aroma of fresh olive, a harmonious and balsamic taste, balanced and at the same time varied.

What makes Centumbrie oil special?

Centumbrie has an innovative and technological mill, where olive oil is cold pressed with limited use of water out of respect for water and environmental resources. The processing lines are one-, two-, and three-stage for better oil extraction depending on the characteristics of the olives harvested. The entire processing cycle is strictly monitored so as to ensure the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil, storage and bottling are carried out in temperature-controlled rooms and with the help of inert gas to safeguard the organoleptic and chemical characteristics of the product.


Umbria ITALY


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


16.9 oz

Centumbrie is the story of two Umbrian families, as old as Umbria, its people and its civilization. To retrace these two stories is to cross a hundred places! Centumbrie is earth, Umbrian earth, matter that cannot be more material, yet Centumbrie's activities find their thinking food in the matter of the heart.

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