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In the elegant gift box, a refined end to a meal made with orange peels and artisanal French chocolate. Orangettes represent the quintessential dessert in which skilled pastry craftsmanship meets creativity and inventiveness to create a unique combination of flavors for a great sweet moment you'll never forget.

What makes Weiss orangettes special?

The right combination of different blends of cocoa beans allows the perfect balance between the delicate bitterness of dark chocolate and the slight acidity of orange to reveal a truly unique and surprising taste that will make true artisanal chocolate lovers fall in love.

What makes Weiss chocolate special?

Weiss carefully selects the best ingredients to offer only the best to the customer, a gourmet product of the highest standard. Weiss is a responsible company that offers 100% pure cocoa butter chocolates that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and without artificial coloring.

A chocolate factory that sources in 9 countries to select healthy ingredients, combat deforestation and the resurgence of soy allergies.


Saint Ebene Cedex FRANCE


Chocolate orange peel     


7 oz

The Company

Eugène Weiss is the inventor of the art of "Bean To Bar," or harvesting cocoa beans from different territories to create a chocolate of great aromatic finesse and rare quality. Weiss is one of the oldest French chocolate factories, chocolate lovers will recognize a Weiss chocolate with their eyes closed: the original recipe, jealously guarded, has been handed down from generation to generation to the masters of the maison. Weiss creations -chocolates, pralines and chocolates- are part of a responsible and committed, clean-label-oriented path.

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