Parmigiano Reggiano “Red Cows” (Emilia Romagna)

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Parmigiano Reggiano ranks in the Top 3 best known cheeses in the world. To become a real Parmigiano Reggiano, it must be produced exclusively in the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna (to the left of the Reno river) and Mantua (to the right of the Po River). It is a true icon of Italy’s gastronomic culture.

The term “Vacche Rosse” or “Red Cows” refers to Reggiana dairy cows, a breed characterized by its reddish coat, traditionally used for the production of Parmigiano becaus of the high quality of their milk. The production and availability of this Parmigiano Reggiano are therefore quite limited.

  • Milk: cow
  • Type: Hard cheese
  • Texture: Grainy
  • Rind: Natural
  • Color: Dark straw yellow
  • Flavor: Natural, milky
  • Aroma: Grassy notes

Italians love Parmigiano Reggiano and they put it on almost every dish, from tomato sauce pasta to pizza or even on roasted meat as a taste enhancer.




Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese


17.63 oz

When great-grandfather Luigi Guffanti began aging Gorgonzola in 1876, his genius intuition was the purchase of an abandoned silver mine in Valganna, in the province of Varese. Five generations have passed, the attention to the artisanal quality of the cheese product and the passion for careful ripening continue to characterize the Guffanti-Fiori family, consolidated to this day as one of the best ripeners in the world.

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