Whole Cooked Octopus T4

Weight 2.86 lb
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Gilmar's octopus is cleaned, left whole and cooked. The classification of cooked octopus ranges from T1 to T7, with T4 indicating cooked octopus with a weight between 2 and 2.86 lb.

Chef's Advice

Precooked octopus is ideal for fish barbecue, we recommend grilling it and accompanying it with a creamy potato sauce to surprise the most refined palates.

Another popular recipe consists on boiling the octopus for making a healthy fish salad with dried tomatoes, lemon, boiled potatoes and parsley.

What makes Gilmar octopus special?

Gilmar carefully selects and controls the raw material. Galician octopus from the northwestern Atlantic Ocean is characterized by a unique and rich taste; octopus from the eastern Atlantic Ocean is recognized worldwide as the ultimate octopus, a sublime product with authentic flavor.




Whole Cooked Octopus T4


2.86 lb vacuum packed

For more than 20 years, Mariscos Gilmar has been offering the highest quality octopus to customers around the world. The company is located in the Ria de Arosa, an area recognized internationally as one of the places where the best octopus in the world is extracted, characterized by exceptional flavor and size.
Mariscos Gilmar pays special attention to the entire handling and packaging process to maintain its natural properties, flavor and freshness.

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