Apricot Fruit Spread

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In the family size glass jar, the apricot spread preparation is a true gem of French gastronomy.

What makes Francis Miot fruit preparations special?

The fruits are selected from eco-responsible and fair-trade agriculture to fully safeguard their aromas, flavors and organoleptic properties. To respect their taste quality, the raw material is harvested exclusively just past the ideal point of ripeness: in fact, at this time the fruit is much more sugary, containing more fructose, thus avoiding having to add more sugar than necessary.

Why are they called preparations and not simply jams?

Because European Regulation No. 1169 of 2011 has finally distinguished between industrial and artisanal products: preparations are fruit mixtures that contain a maximum of between 45 percent and 50 percent added sugars, so common jams or marmalades basically contain more sugar than the fruit itself. Preparation is synonymous with craftsmanship and is a healthy, refined and tasty product.




Preparation (jam) of Apricot


30 oz glass

Maison Francis Miot's artisanal preparations for more than 30 years have followed the recipes of Francis Miot, an award-winning French and three-time world's best jam maker. A collection of delicious and authentic recipes for fans of homemade desserts. Short cooking in small copper cauldrons allows the authentic flavor and nutritional properties of the selected fruits to be maintained.

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