"Addobbo" Parma Ham 20 Months

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San Giacomo offers, exclusively for Longino & Cardenal, Parma PDO ham aged for 20 months, the very best combination of delicacy, melt-in-the-mouth quality and saltiness. The result is a ham of unmistakable quality, proud to be branded with the ducal crown of the Prosciutto di Parma PDO consortium.

What makes Parma Ham special?

The 2 main ingredients of the hams are local pork leg meat and salt, complemented by two other key ingredients: weather and wind.

The characteristic of the production area is the ideal weather that allows the natural curing of the ham. Very little fat, large quantities of mineral salts, vitamins and easily digestible proteins make Parma Ham a product of absolute excellence.

San Giacomo focuses on a double curing process: the hams are twice covered with lard, first at the beginning of the curing process and again after about 10 months.


Sala Baganza Parma, Italy


Prosciutto Crudo di Parma PDO


17.63 lb ham

The company

The San Giacomo ham factory – or “prosciuttificio” as it is known in Italian – was born in 1975 as a family-run business, inheriting the name of the ancient agricultural farm where the production plant now stands, in Sala Baganza, in the very heart of the “Prosciutto di Parma PDO” production zone. Today, San Giacomo produces about 25,000 hams per year, compared to the 300,000 annual production of large players. The company’s family-focused and artisanal footprint, combined with the most innovative production techniques, make San Giacomo a true gem of this territory.

Despite being a small company, San Giacomo boasts some of the best international certifications including the BRC Double AA Standard, the IFS Higher Grade and the USDA Approval.

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