Bapamanga Puree

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Frozen unsweetened bapamanga purées offer a complete liberty of creation to all chefs, allowing them to adjust the sugar content of their recipes as they please. This cocktail mix is ready-to-use, coming from a mix of purées to add a hint of exotism and flavours to your every creation, while optimizing your production process.

The Bapamanga no added sugar frozen purée is made of a balanced mix of passion fruit, banana and mango purées.

How are fruit purees made?

The fruits are processed in production facilities in France, crushed and sieved to a smooth and delicate consistency. The pulp is then de-aerated to avoid any risk of micro-oxidation and preserve the natural color of the fruit. The frozen puree then undergoes heat treatment, with a specific ultra-rapid process to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the fresh fruit.


Bapamanga Puree

2.2 lb frozen puree

The SICOLY cooperative was created in 1962 with the union of a group of producers in order to promote their fruit on the French domestic market. Today it produces and harvests 10,000 tons of high-quality produce annually on 570 hectares of orchards through fruit- and environment-friendly techniques, practicing sustainable and responsible agriculture.

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