Blueberry Puree

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Frozen unsweetened frozen blueberry purée is made from wild blueberries, picked at optimal ripeness. Wild blueberries are smaller than the cultivated ones but they are richer in taste (sweet, fruity and with strong aromas) to create a powerful purée that will surely seduce chefs.

This special no added sugar blueberry purée can be used in both sweet (pastries, ice-creams, sorbets, chocolates, etc.) and savoury recipes. It can also be used in the beverage industry to create delicious cocktails, beers or other drinks.

How are fruit purees made?

The fruits are processed in production facilities in France, crushed and sieved to a smooth and delicate consistency. The pulp is then de-aerated to avoid any risk of micro-oxidation and preserve the natural color of the fruit. The frozen puree then undergoes heat treatment, with a specific ultra-rapid process to preserve all the organoleptic qualities of the fresh fruit.


Blueberry Puree

2.2 lb frozen puree

The SICOLY cooperative was created in 1962 with the union of a group of producers in order to promote their fruit on the French domestic market. Today it produces and harvests 10,000 tons of high-quality produce annually on 570 hectares of orchards through fruit- and environment-friendly techniques, practicing sustainable and responsible agriculture.

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