Red Fruits White Chocolate Bar

Weight 1 chocolate bar (3.17 oz)
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The taste of white chocolate is combined with the freshness and acidity of delicately dehydrated strawberry, raspberry and cherry. Rouge Baiser 29% white chocolate bar is a very tasty and surprising chocolate. The mouth-watering break that will make young and old fall in love, a sweet treat that will be hard to resist!

An unexpected chocolate for your sweet break.

This modern-looking bar is made thinner to optimize tasting and sharing, its design is refined, and its packaging is 100% recyclable for an eco-friendly approach.

What makes Weiss chocolate special?

Weiss carefully selects the best ingredients to offer only the best to the customer, a gourmet product of the highest standard. Weiss is a responsible company that offers 100% pure cocoa butter chocolates that are GMO-free, gluten-free, and without artificial coloring.

A chocolate factory that sources in 9 countries to select healthy ingredients, combat deforestation and the resurgence of soy allergies.


Saint Etienne FRANCE


White Chocolate and Red Fruits Bar


1 chocolate bar (3.17 oz)

The Company

Eugène Weiss is the inventor of the art of "Bean To Bar," or harvesting cocoa beans from different territories to create a chocolate of great aromatic finesse and rare quality. Weiss is one of the oldest French chocolate factories, chocolate lovers will recognize a Weiss chocolate with their eyes closed: the original recipe, jealously guarded, has been handed down from generation to generation to the masters of the maison. Weiss creations -chocolates, pralines and chocolates- are part of a responsible and committed, clean-label-oriented path.

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