The Sicilian tradition of tomato sauce

Making homemade tomato sauce has always been part of the traditional Sicilian summer when families gather around baskets full of tomatoes. These preserves will be very useful in the winter time when there are no more fresh tomatoes.

Tomato sauce is the ideal solution for when you are in the mood for a dish of spaghetti. It is the typical sauce of the Mediterranean tradition, made from fresh datterini or cherry tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil and herbs such as basil. With its sweet and intense flavor, this sauce is great on pasta but can be a base for fish dishes, white meats, and even for making pizza at home.

Organic datterini and cherry tomato sauce

Tenuta Chiaramonte uses only datterini and cherry tomatoes from certified organic farming. The production area is the province of Ragusa, a land renowned for its sweet and juicy tomatoes. Their sauce that expresses the true essence of Sicilian tradition.
Production follows the artisanal spirit that has always guided the Sicilian company, with the aim of making authentic Italian cuisine known abroad.
Tomato sauce is a truly versatile ingredient, useful for quick and easy recipes, an essential ally for everyday cooking that will give you a true Italian taste experience.



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